Every Love Story Has a Beginning…


Yes, every love story has a beginning. Mine starts a few years ago, working at the front desk at a local non profit organization. Young, putting in over 40 hours a week to support my two small children. It was my life. Work. Kids. Work.

While working one of my long days at work, I was called into my boss’ office to let me know that my current position was going to be cut into being part time; however I was offered another position at a different location where I could regain my 40 hours. Of course I had to take the other position, my children and finances were at stake!

So here I was, late August on one of the busiest days at my new location. I was expected to be trained through a madness of extremely desperate men, women and families hoping to get the few remaining spots to help them in the rent payment program. I had people running left and right to me desperately questioning me, begging me to help them. Coming from an administrative office, I never had to deal with such direct client contact! It was absolutely overwhelming.

I was sat at a desk, phone wouldn’t stop ringing, my eyes scanned the room at all these hopeless people, trying to read the unfortunate circumstances of their life through their eyes…wondering what brought them here. And there he was. Right next to me, calmly collected, gorgeously blue eyes. There he was, sitting in his wheelchair. I stared, of course I stared. I didn’t judge him, I questioned his story as well.

His hands and arms didn’t look like mine, they worked in different ways but he made them work. He used them to show me how to answer the phones, his smile and his eyes let me know it was going to be absolutely fine. Having him train me was amazing. How in the world did he manage to stay so calm and look so happy through all of this madness? How did he do it?

It wasn’t long before Chad and I became really close friends. Just because he was disabled didn’t make me see him any differently than anyone else. I wasn’t holding doors open for him anymore than I would anyone else, let’s just leave it at that! And he loved that, he loved that he was treated just as everyone else was treated. He was my friend, soon enough, my best friend.

Chad was the only one I could ever confide in with my life. I told him everything and anything. He talked me through one of the toughest relationships I have ever been through, the one with the father of my son. It was hard times for me, but I always looked forward into going to work just to talk to Chad. He was my sanity when I wasn’t with my children.

Little did I know was that Chad was quickly falling in love with me. He revealed feelings for me at his superbowl party on a Sunday afternoon while we were at his grandmothers house. Talk about awkward. I had to see myself out of that situation very quickly because I could not picture jeopardizing our great friendship to develop a new relationship. Or maybe I was just scared to enter a relationship with a disabled man?

Chad was the kind of man every women has ever asked for! Charming, handsome, loyal, honest, EXTREMELY caring and absolutely the most selfless person anyone could meet! His disadvantages were being unable to walk, run, skip, jump…you know, the little things people take for granted. However, I saw his disadvantages as a minimum considering his advantages outweighed anything. But why the hell was I so stubborn, and why the hell did I wait over a year to give this guy even a date?!

Well, let’s just say the second I finally gave in and decided to date my best friend, it was the best choice I could have ever made. Our relationship went like lightning! One moment we were dating, the next he was proposing to me at a San Jose Sharks game, and the next we were walking down the isle as Mr. and Mrs.

And that’s where our love story began, where our family became complete and we became one of the most loved families in our town! I do hope you stick around to be inspired, intrigued, amazed…to be part of this journey with me and to learn all the goods and the bads.


9 thoughts on “Every Love Story Has a Beginning…

  1. I have a genetic condition that left me in a wheelchair from age 15-17…I’m 32 now, but I know the possibility of reentering a wheelchair sometimes in the future is large…this gives me hope to all of us who are considered “disabled”! What a wonderful family you are! I have autism and so does my two children and my boyfriend who is typical accepts all three of us…i always marvel at those that can love people that others disregard!

    • Thank you for sharing! I don’t ever really like the term ‘disabled’ because I feel the ‘disabled’ are very ‘abled’! Being with my husband I have met so many non-able bodied people and they have got to be the most amazing people ever! To the world who hasn’t taken the opportunity to love (romantically or not) a “disabled” person, then they don’t know what they are missing out on 🙂

  2. I guess years of living with it first as a physical disability and then with my son being mentally retarded and severely autistic, then my daughter being diagnosed, and finally me…it doesn’t bother me…..I get more mad if someone calls me obese than disabled…..bc I don’t have the same abilities as everyone else. I have some that are greater and some that are much weaker or non-existent…..same as my kids….most people in the autism community use the word “differing ability” but even then I dunno..I continue to use disability….I’ve always held a special place in my heart for the special needs community….and people who dismiss those with differing mental abilities really bother me….I know an MR person who can paint beautiful scenery…and then of course those in the autism community who are intellectually gifted, but it is so rare to find a young woman such as yourself loving those with a “differing ability” so to speak….so many young women are so selfish and vain…..I have shared your story with my entire facebook and friends…..I have a friend who got divorced from my fraternity brother and now she is in love with a man with cerebral palsy that is bound to a wheelchair. I love seeing these stories..like I said..gives me hope for all!!! Thank you so much for being such an inspiration!!! Good luck in the future and I hope I get to know you more!


    • You truly show your strength for all you are able to overcome with the different challenges! This lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but for whoever is able to take it on, more power to them! I admire your strength and positivity in what other people would consider a burden. I love to be able to share my story to people, to bring light to a beautiful world that they otherwise may be blinded to! Thank you for spreading the word on my story, this means a lot to me!

      Best wishes to you and your family!

  3. Now that’s exactly what Chad hoped for when he was younger! A real partner, a best friend, a lover all rolled up in one beautiful package. And that the “package” was also a real “deal” where wonderful children came “included” just made it even better!

  4. My husband is also disabled and cannot walk or stand unassisted but I also don’t see him as disabled, but rather as my wonderful husband. Good for you. I’m glad you visited my blog it gave me the opportunity to meet you. Have a terrific evening.

  5. What a beautiful love story! True love in action! Thank you so much for following “Blessings through raindrops”. I consider it a real honor, and I’m excited to have you join me on my journey through life. Thank you!

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